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09.07.2009, 12:41 You can (still) make a difference

German federal diet elections are coming. September 27th is a day of great significance, especially for the online community.
But in the end, if you want to see YOUR issues faced well, personal freedom, that you are not condamned, just because you are a computer gamer. If you disgree with the dusty viewpoints of the government on "that magic internet thingy out there", then please vote for the Pirate Party.
Of course they are not perfect, they are not the answer to all prayers and the solution to all problems, but they can, and if you give them your vote, will be YOUR voice in the federal diet.
Just think that there is some old man standing in parlament, talking about how the internet is just bad for the children, that they need access restrictions and censorship for them to grow up good - you want to stand up and answer? Of course you cannot do that personally, but you can elect someone there to do that for you :-)
People in the federal diet and government are in average 51 years old and 70% men. Unfortunately, most of them usually have problems using there cellphone for something else than voice calls and their computer, if they even have one, for something else than party advertisement.
Are that those the people who you want to decide about your personal freedom and the freedom of the internet? You've got the choice :-)
In the coming weeks I'll frequently post further good reasons and alternatives for those, who disagree with beeing a general suspect in the eyes of the government, only because they sit in front of a computer.
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