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Our world is made of glass

08.07.2009, 16:16 Ancient shadows

Just imagine you look out the window, and you see a blue shoreline and the see in mid distance. Twilight makes the ships look like shadows. You almost visualize how in ancient days these ships were made of wood, waiting for their chance to storm unsuperable walls. Sitting in a small wooden boat in front of a millennia old city...
When you are passing by this coast today, the once great wall is gone, the towers fell. No more warriors wait for the enemies outside. Impressive buildings, but not of the same ambience... But if you take your position right at what once called Pera, you can overlook not only the ancient city, but also the marmara bay...
Then, exactly at twilight, before night casts her colors on this old city, when shapes become softer, you can almost have a look into these days, right before the fall of the last piece of Rome.
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