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07.07.2009, 12:34 Respect sphere (of influence)

When the people of Iran protest against the grievance of their own government, the western World, even the European Union, is easily able to formulate strong words to condemn the rude behaviour of the ruling forces. Supression, manipulation of elections, acting agains the people's will and even against the laws of the Islamic Republic is not just. The governments even considered possible new sanctions against Iran to support the growing efforts of opposition forces.
Nice Words, nice actions. But what if a more powerfull bully is doing that? Let's look towards the country of the 2008 summer olympics. Once again civil unrest was to loud to be concealed by authorities. To many people were killed by government forces. Western governments are commenting the situation - once again, very toothless, quite, considerate. No one wants to offend the economic atomic lion.
This bully is obvious to strong for our bully.
Let's take a look to recent developements of Honduras. The now former President of this country was removed from office by the Honduran Surpreme Court for trying to inact unconstitutional articles allowing him a third term in office. The millitary finally removed him from office. Remember the cries of western governments when Hugo Chavez succeeded in extending his term? And now look at the cries of western governments about honduran legal authorities avoiding a President actually doing the very same thing. Now they make big pictures with the guy, pressing the country to undo that, re-instating him.
To measure differently is a principle of politics.
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