Now and then

Our world is made of glass

20.07.2009, 18:41 Physical romance...

Time, Distance, Gravitation... Time we spend in distance... Gravitation never ends...
You might reach the farmost corner of the universe, you still sense the last bit of gravity of distance, gravity that matters.
Time might run slow, but for the traveller, time runs differently. And when the time comes, the traveller returns. You'll realize he didn't age, he didn't change, everything is still as before, regardless the distance.
For as long as gravity and light lead the way back, there is no way the clocks can be set apart. Two particles, onces entangled, can have a great distance between them, but the'll never be appart.
Neutrinos are those particles, that pass by all other matter in universe, unless they reach their target. No wall, no star, no black hole can stopp them until they reach their destination. Like ghosts they point the way to their source, the path to their destiny, nothing can stop them.
Hear the radiovoice of the twin pulsar. Listen to the story, the vacuum tells you.
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