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Our world is made of glass

17.07.2009, 19:01 Things (will) happen

A side-effect of our life is the the permanent threat of things that could happen. We are in control of our own lifes, in certain limits. We are our own guardians, and we are each other guardians, in certain limits. Limits define our existence. Limits we see, limits that really exist, conditions for limits we don't see.
The world changes, every moment. It transforms. One day, trees, water, everything will be gone. It's up to us why it will be gone, how it will be gone. More than that: What's next...
Imagine millions of years... Change... It's up to us, to let our wisper sound in eternity... To act, to change, to make something durable...
Most people just live day by day, joy by joy, their existance is literally running out... What will remain? If our soul is the sum of footsteps we leave in society, how immortal are we? That's why many people believe...
You are at the fork, it's your choice... You can leave footsteps or you can shine for sometime until you dissolve. Neither way is perfect nor guarranteed. So we walk unnoticed under giants, dustcorns in the galaxy...
It's up to you, to make yourself heared. Our existance might be limited, but nothing is really impossible.
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