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17.07.2009, 09:55 So it's not okay in "the real world"?

Currently, the german governments acts as if each and every user of the internet is a potential pedophile. Therefore, inefficient means are set in place, that will only help criminals in spreading theaterials by informing them about detection - but not STOPPing them at all. Thanks, madam minister. Basically the law seems to have only one reason: Making sencorship in the internet socially acceptable. This is done by an all inclusive accusion of the internet of beeing bad.
In "the real world" people obviously don't accept (quitetly) to be misstreated like that. As recently reported, some paranoid britain laws as reaction to a school janitors crimes, led to a general accusation of beeing pedophile to a large number of people, like authors of books for children.
Fortunately, these people don't go likely on beeing widely accused, fortunately they have their voices heared about such government actions. Many of them, first of all J.K. Rowling, protest against this gross undermining of our societies very principles.
Unfortunately, many other potential victims of stupid lawmaking are still almost unheared, while those, who should allegedly be protected by these stupid laws are more then ever in harms way.
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